We are a small dental office located in Holden, MA that is focused on patients, not numbers.  We are happy to spend the extra time it takes to ensure your care is managed in a thoughtful and personal manner, and are proud to be able to use the best quality materials and provide the highest level of workmanship.  We consider our patients to be friends and family…and we are thrilled that they consistently introduce us to theirs. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to prove that we are a team that is dedicated to you.   We strive to offer exceptional care in a warm welcoming environment from the moment we greet you, all the way through your preventative treatments.  We are blessed to be serving not only the town of Holden, but our neighbors in Rutland, Paxton, Princeton and Sterling as well.

I want to make a personal connection with you.  I don’t want going to the dentist to be a dreadful part of your life, but rather a regular and enjoyable routine for you and your family. With regular comprehensive care and attention, we will optimize your oral health and ensure that you are not faced with an overwhelming list of dental treatment needs that requires an exhaustive amount of time to complete!  Together we can make it so much easier.    -Dr. Thomas Mulroy

Your information and education is crucial in the success of what we do. This dental office is dedicated to ensuring you receive all the information you need no matter how much time it takes.  A dentist who is willing to carve out the necessary time to consider your cosmetic, clinical, and emotional needs is hard to find. You found us.

Some of the services we provide: